Banting Eating Plan


Welcome to my Banting Eating Program for weight-loss aimed at females over the age of 18!
A successful eating program must include flexibility, simplicity & obviously delicious meals that keeps ones’ focus on the program! The Mix & Match Banting Program is just that!
It entails of…….
11 x Breakfasts
11 x Snacks
11 x Dinners

Giving you over 1330 different combinations!

I’m sure you have heard of unit plans, ratios, calories, carb counting, calorie counters etc etc… It all gets overwhelming and confusing trying to work out a meal plan that is correct for weight-loss! The Mix & Match Banting Program takes the stress out of “figuring things out” on your own!
Simply choose your breakfast, snack & dinner of your choice & bam you have a perfect day of the correct calories, ratios & carbs all worked out for you! The great thing is – it doesn’t matter what your combination is for the day as long as you stick to the recipes given you don’t have to think about trying to work out your calories/carbs/ratios! Everything is worked out for you, ensuring that you do not under or over eat – stabilising your metabolic rate & thus encouraging weight-loss!

The plan is flexible allowing you to choose what you want to eat for the day!

The meals are delicious & simple to prepare!

The Mix & Match Banting Program also provides a different approach to breakfast – so you won’t have to eat eggs & bacon EVERY morning for breakfast!! Which is a common complaint amongst banters!

There are also notes on which recipes freeze well – allowing you to prep for future meals!

I’m sure you have heard of the ever so popoular 5:2 ratio diet plan? If you haven’t its a plan that uses intermittent fasting techniques to encourage weight-loss…..Well included in the M & M program is added notes on intermittent fasting & an example – its completely optional to fast – it’s included if you need to speed up weight-loss and for the dreaded weight-loss plateau – its really healthy for you & won’t slow down your metabolic rate, if done correctly!

I also talk about the fat burning hormone, leptin, and how to lift levels of this hormone providing easier & better weight-loss.

If you would like more details on the Mix & Match Banting Program – please contact Angi on the

***Please remember the Mix & Match Banting program is aimed at adult females over the age of 18***


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