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Exercise is dependent on physical abilities, injuries, personal preference, time and even finances.My personal experiences have shown me that people want to see results like yesterday!They don’t have time to spend endless hours at the gym. Nor do they have large amounts of money to spend on endless personal training fees, fancy equipment & expensive gym fees!

I personally specialise in the Tabata method of training better known as HIIT training (High, Intensity, Interval, Training). The concept of High Intensity Interval Training is fairly simple. It’s an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense bursts of exercise followed by a less-intense recovery period.

For example, a HIIT workout on a stationary bicycle might involve, warming up for 5-10 minutes, then performing 8 to 40 sets of:

  • A 30-second intense burst of fast pedalling, then followed by a very easy 30 second recovery period of slow pedalling, and then repeats. I.e.: 30 seconds ON & 30 seconds OFF. There is an endless amount of combinations, timing and exercises you can do with HIIT training.
  • The main aim is to get your heart rate as high as you possibly can, then resting for a short period then starting all over again for 8-40 sets.
  • HIIT training can involve any type of form of exercise and can be performed almost anywhere.

But why HIIT training?

HIIT training increases the “afterburn effect” which refers to the period of time that your body continues to burn calories AFTER your workout is over. Depending on the intensity of the workout will depend on the “afterburn” which could last up to 48 hours! And the best thing is that a HIIT training session only takes about 8-30 minutes to complete depending on the exercise and your fitness level!

Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Don’t get me wrong – HIIT training isn’t an easy form of exercise – it should NEVER be easy, and if it does get easy, you will have to step up your game and increase the level of difficulty/intensity in order to keep getting results.

You will also find that you will start becoming addicted to the endorphin rush you get after training. My clients say they feel ‘pumped’ after a session and can’t ever see themselves going back to conventional training.



The Banting Eating Program

Welcome to my Banting Eating Program for weight-loss aimed at females over the age of 18!

A successful eating program must include flexibility, simplicity & obviously delicious meals that keeps ones’ focus on the program! The Mix & Match Banting Program is just that!

It entails of…….
11 x Breakfasts
11 x Snacks
11 x Dinners

Giving you over 1330 different combinations!

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Banding Eating Program

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